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Skin Toners

Skin Toners Are Like Exercise for the Skin

Skin toners are great to cleanse the skin and shrink the appearance of pores, helping to return your face to a natural pH. In addition, skin toners provide a "rush" to your skin by delivering a fresh tingle. No matter what your skin type is, most respond well to regular skin toning. Consider it exercise for the skin. The right skin toner clarifies the complexion and combats free radicals that can make skin look ruddy.

Skin toners are usually put onto a clean cotton ball and gently applied to clean, dry skin. What makes one skin toner different from the next are the ingredients. You should look for one that has valuable vitamins and moisture producing ingredients. Cosmetic Surgeon In A Jar® makes a pH-Balanced Toner that restores your skin to the optimal pH level and doesn't dry out the skin with tough, unnecessary drying agents.

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